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Smart solutions to simplify your Waste Management experience. Some have already successfully proven that one man's trash is another man's treasure. We at weconvert.org are putting an increased focus on sustainability.

Much of the world's waste could be better recycled through automation and processing.

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D. Asmus

CEO @ woistmanu GmbH

WeConvert.org is now a part of woistmanu GmbH. First in India, now all over the world. We will do our best to adopt the project and ideas of this good idea of weConvert.org. Everywhere there is a need for automated and smart waste management. So everywhere for a clean environment.

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To improve the environment
that is our mission.



We believe in a fluid and pragmatic approach. Our team takes the time to understand your brand and consequently delivers the result you need.


The first impression is the last impression. Build trust with your customers and don't throw anything away, recycle in an environmentally conscious way.


Increase your info with targeted steps. Assess, plan, implement. These are the first three steps to increase your turnover. Ask without obligation and write some information about your company and concerns. We will message you back immediately.

The Commitment of weconvert

Facts say that more than 70% of companies and public administrations do not know what waste is generated in their premises. To simplify this process, we present smart trash garbage cans that use advanced sensor technology together with sophisticated software. The data collected here allows us to understand your waste even better and create a smart ecosystem.

Exceptionally Effective

We develop software that automatically recognizes objects and more. Real-time data and other key points allow us to deliver data-driven decisions to you. Together, we gain useful insights. Help us out and get started, too, by commissioning us to perform an initial analysis. After one month, we'll already prepare statistics, preliminary reports, and a variety of information you need to understand how your business is performing.

No Surprise

About 70 percent of the earth's surface is covered by water. Yet today, hundreds of thousands of pieces of plastic waste float in every square kilometer of the oceans. More than ten million tons of waste enter the oceans every year. Help us, we convert

The main goal

The main goal of our company of "weConvert.org" is to work towards a sustainable future, spreading awareness about waste management and revolutionizing the way people treat their waste. Our system should later provide you with continuous performance of the garbage cans placed at your site. Schedule defined pickups and identify the optimal bin size to avoid overflow. All this is included in our concept of weConvert.org

weconvert.org Process

The Company Check - we receive your data from your company. We will now use your data to do the initial analysis and then prepare the quote for the on-site analysis. The cost of the first analysis is available from 5.000,- Euro up to 4.000 sqm commercial space. Who has a larger enterprise or generally questions to recycling may announce itself gladly with us by Mail to info@weconvert.org.

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No subscriptions! Pay as you go for each project. This will efficiently help you scale your budgetas you only have to pay when you actually need us.


Convert and scale your images to PNG, JPG, BMP, WEBP and more with We Convert - we now offer Convert online services. We provide intelligent management solutions for businesses and government agencies.


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