Frequently Asked Questions

we, we strive hard to bring good solutions done at scale and simultaneously make the process hassle-free for everyone.

what is your task?

People below the poverty line are forced to work under huge piles of garbage to manually segregate the recyclables and non-recyclables just to earn a Euro a day. realized the root cause of the problem. No other company/organization seemed to solve this big issue. We took the challenge.

What makes your company stand out from its competitors?

We spend most of our power on developing a wonderful technology that has several characteristics. There are many features that really set us apart from other companies in this field. Firstly, the current head of the company (D.P.Peschel) is already working in other companies. Since he also comes from the industry and has various machine knowledge, he can put himself into the most different things. We are about to start a new pilot project. Especially to relieve companies and communities and to recycle the collected material in the best possible way. The whole thing digitised to empty bins when needed. For a clean environment.

Where is located ? Headquarters are located at Germany, Nidda, Wallernhausen, 63667, Lerchenrain 10.

What is We-Convert’s E-Mail Adress ?

Our E-Mail contact adress is:

to which group does the domain belong?

We are a new part of Machine One GmbH. All information about our main group can be found at

Is We-Convert a public company?? is private company.
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